About the Project

WEBTOON is a platform that has made the age-old art of visual storytelling accessible to anyone with an internet connection anywhere, whether they’re a reader or an author.

This project attempts to answer the question What Makes a WEBTOON Original Successful? and provides insight on what makes WEBTOON Originals (WEBTOON-sponsored series) popular among readers.

This project was created as part of the amazing David Kane’s Data Science Course, offered by former Harvard Preceptor David Kane.

The warmest of thank yous to the wonderful Preceptor Kane, our superhero TFs, and the supportive classmates that made this experience so enjoyable and rewarding! :)

About The Creator

Hey! It’s me, that little voice writing out all these words, finally introducing myself. My name is Katie Zhong and I’m an incoming Honours Mathematics freshman at the University of Waterloo.

I love music, reading, stories, and art (as you may have guessed πŸ˜…).


Feel free to reach out with any music/book/WEBTOON recommendations, questions/suggestions for this project, or opportunities to further explore data science!